Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Called "If You Can't Find Your Bathing Suit, You Can't Go Swimming!"

Or otherwise titled "I Cleaned And Now I Can't Find Anything!"  So, we did a lot of cleaning this past weekend (i.e. my Big Fall Clean or the BFC as I fondly refer to it) to get ready for friends and relatives to gather at our house during the holidays (my favorite part of the holidays)--including my grandmother, who is also known by some as great-grandmother, and by others as great-great-grandmother (I'm so excited!). However, today is my swim practice and I cannot find my bathing suit ANYWHERE!  I'm sure I put it somewhere where I wouldn't lose track of it and guess what...it's gone.  The one lesson I'm learning with this year's Big Fall Clean is that we need some serious organizational help.  The problem has to be admitted before an answer can be found, correct?!  Anyhow, we did get the two main rooms painted a warm, dusted, and curtains washed (my grandmother's pet peeve--dirty curtains).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting Ready for the Big December Clean and Organize...early

Well, it's happening!  My grandmother is coming for Thanksgiving.  I don't have to have Thanksgiving at my house this year, but I will want to have her over to my house, along with my parents and perhaps my brother and his children at least once or twice while she is visiting.  So, it is time for the big December "Clean and Organize" a full month early!  Can we get things in tip-top shape in THREE WEEKS?  Last year, I started at the beginning of November and by the time December 25th came, I was covered in hives. Well, I'm refusing to get hives this year, so it's time for problem-solving!